With a multidisciplinary group of six, I learned about product development and project management while building a project of our own. We identified a potential market for a low cost and easy to install electric conversion kit for bicycles. Our solution to address this was a friction roller along with a motor and battery that would be mounted to a universal bike rack. The trick here was to fit the electronics and mechanical elements into an existing platform, in this case the rear bike rack, so that it would be able to fit as many existing bikes as possible. Our team performed research and user studies to understand if the idea would be accepted by consumers, and developed a proof of concept (above) that showed the single pivot motor mount design would be able to withstand the amount of force required to propel a commuter. I designed and manufactured the drive-train prototype above from scratch, including the sliding motor mount, belt drive system, and friction roller.

Engineering Design Projects

Spring 2016


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